Two months and nine days ago I was haunted by the idea of creating an animated Halloween special, and to add Milk Duds to the popcorn, why not stir in 2D animation with 3D? Sure. Let me take that first step, and yep! — the Doubt Demon leaps out from the shadows twirling its flail of failure. I knew the stories I wanted to tell, I just needed to commit, and at that moment passion took over. This love we have for storytelling and animation has the power to slow time and powers us through the Jasons, Freddys and Michaels on our path. This is the Halloween special I wanted to create (finished a full week before my deadline). Is it perfect? No, but I'm just one man with his demons, supported by a chorus of Voice Actor angels whom support the Lair of Forgotten Bears project. I hope you and the kids in your life enjoy this labour of love during these hard times. Happy Halloween, my friends. ~pd www.lairofforgottenbears.com